A Coating: What is it? Why?

Coatings are for many daily driven vehicles the best protection possible, because they "close" the surface with a special process that the coat connects with the pores of the surface (on micro scale). In combination with a special process before applying the coating, all pores on whatever surface gets cleansed out (glass does also have microscopic pores), and will be topped with the coating.

All these coatings get as hard as ceramic or glass with a certain level on the moHs-scale, so they even protect your vehicle against a lot of dirt, light scratches and most acid chemicals (PH2-PH13) as well.

We mostly apply our coatings to daily driven vehicles that make a lot of miles or kilometers and are constantly on the road. The more fanatic car enthusiasts & classic car owners prefer the incredible shine of a freshly waxed vehicle.

Our Coats:

All coatings we apply are high-quality products from well known manufacturer's in the wonderful world of detailing. We strive to give you high-performance results by constantly developing our knowledge and technique. All of our detail jobs, especially them topped with a High-End coating, require a special training we had to accomplish to be layed properly for maximum protection and reflections.

We apply 5 different types of coatings for painted surfaces, windows (glass), rubbers & plastics, leather and cloth (in interiors and the roof of convertibles):

  • Paintjobs: SiCarbon+ Ceramic Guard (Ceramic Carbon – Nano)
  • Windows: SiO2 (Ceramic Liquid Glass- Nano)
  • Rubbers & Plastics: SiO2 (Ceramic – Nano)
  • Leather & Cloth: SiO2 (Ceramic – Nano) 

SiCarbon+: Ceramic Guard: How does it work?

SiCarbon+ Ceramic Guard: a unique product that bonds better than every product prior to this one is a coating, based on the SiCarbon+ molecule. A revolutionary coat with a high protection grade that offers a very hydrophobic layer. Cleaning becomes a 10-minute job instead of hours of rubbing and sweating. Insects come off properly like you always wanted and your paint is protected against dirt, sleet, UV-rays, light scratches, chemicals and everything that can harm your paint job. Ceramic Guard also offers an extreme deep color beneath the surface (especially on metallic-paintjobs).

The special thing what makes this coating so unique, starts on molecular level. Most coatings on the market are based on Silicium Oxide (SiO2), with this Ceramic Guard coating, the base of Oxide (H2O) was replaced by Carbon Oxide. This is how the SiCarbon+ molecule was found, which gives a better "closed" layer than SiO2 coats.

With SiO2 coats, almost 30% of the applied thickness of the layer disappears when curing due to evaporation. The SiCarbon+ coat also evaporates, but only 5% of the applied layer does so. That's the main reason why the SiCarbon+ coating is so unique, the layer will be much thicker when dry than a common SiO2 coat. 

Carbon based coatings are also more flexible than conventional coats. They are hard as glass, but can even stretch out. Best way to actually see this is when a stone chip occurs. When this happens with a Glass-based or Ceramic Coat, the hard coat will also get a main impact zone with fine cracks (microscopic) in the coat-surface, water and dirt will fill these zone after a while and the coating will fail at that point. => A Carbon-based coat doesn't crack, it will reduce the impact by stretching out.

Last but not least: a coating can only be removed by Sanding or Heavy Cut Polishing. If you want to stick to the joy of a weekend full cleaning & waxing your vehicle, we don't recommend to take a Nano-Coating.

Pricing of the SiCarbon+ Coat starts at €600,- +VAT 

Ceramic Guard Warranty: 4 Life

We can give you a very special warranty formula on a Ceramic Guard Coating: the Ceramic Guard 4Life-Waranty. Possible when you let us take care of your vehicle every year after the treatment for a complete check-up and update of the coated surface (Lower cost than the first treatment off course). This way we add an extra year to the warranty until your car reaches the end of it's lifetime.

If you don't want us to update your vehicle every year, the coating comes with a standard 3-Year Warranty. 

Coating Glass surfaces & Mirrors

We also apply a unique coat on glass surfaces like windows (also possible on thermic glass) and mirrors. This coating has a Liquid-Glass base, where we literally place a layer of glass over the surface that will dry to a complete invisible and very hard coat.

This is the exact same coating that is used by rocket scientists at NASA and also is applied by several airlines on their planes and on cruise ships to protect against all kind of pollution, it also stands rocket fuel.

Our coatings were also tested in a wind tunnel and they slightly improve the Cx-grade of your vehicle, so they literally make the vehicle's surfaces smoother.

Do you want more info or want us to make you a price-quote ? Contact us today for an appointment to check your vehicle.