A combination of premium products, knowledge, dedication and a deep passion: that's what our car detailing service reflects!

At Naxcar, we offer our customers special treatment packages and Nano coatings for both Gloss paint finishes as Satin & Flat Matte paint finishes.

We are well known for our excellent polishing jobs, where we use a quite unique technique combined with the market's finest polishes (we never use fillers) that asks a special dedication to get a long lasting "what you see is what you get"-result.

Our Deep-Paint-Clean service to remove Industrial-Polution and even Industrial-Paint-Polution on a 100% Ecologically and Non-Acid based method already gave us the opportunity to work with big Industrial- and Shipping Companies in harbors across Belgium and The Netherlands.

The passion for detailing started almost 20-years ago. What first started with driving around town with the cleanest vehicle out there went an obsession when specializing in paint correction. After completing a successful education in Body Shop Repairs and Special Painting and after working as a detailer for the High-End Mercedes-Benz, AMG & Maybach models we found Naxcar in 2011.

Trough the years that followed we had the opportunity to detail some of the finest automobiles on the market and had really amazing projects going trough our hands, we even occurred in the Maserati Owner's Magazine Belgium: Maseratisi Belgi - as a starring company with a special passion.

We offer our detailing services for National & International customers, so we can travel to your location to give your vehicle our treatment without leaving it's spot.

Your vehicle stands out

Do you have a special occasion for your vehicle to feature in, like a wedding, event or show? You can contact us to take care of your pride, we treat her like it's our own.

Satin or Flat Matte finishes: a special treatment

Tegenwoordig zien we meer en meer wagens (niet alleen exclusieve wagens) met een matte finish of een zogenaamde satijnglans. Deze wagens zijn niet per se voorzien van een carwrap, maar kunnen ook gespoten zijn. Gespoten wagens met matte finish vragen, in tegenstelling tot wat velen denken, zeer nauwkeurig onderhoud met speciaal aangepaste behandelingen. Wij kunnen eigenaars van deze nieuwe trend moeiteloos helpen met een aangepaste standaardreiniging en met een aangepaste coating die ervoor zorgt dat u ook zelf eenvoudig uw matte lak kan onderhouden. 

Exclusive car, sports car, classic or oldtimer

Oldtimers and sports cars demand for a specialized treatment. Mostly all these cars feature another kind of materials that require a certain expertism when it comes to detailing.

The paint on classics is mostly different than modern paint jobs. Exclusive- and sports cars do have a much harder paint finish than daily driven cars. These kind of cars need other products when it comes to detailing and deep cleaning and that's exactly what we can offer.

Contact Us for an appointment to check your vehicle and see what we can do for you to take pride in your vehicle.

We make your ride your joy and pride!

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