Our Detailing Treatments

We've listed our most common detailing treatments below.

Shown prices of our detailing services are informative-starting prices and depend on vehicle size and the condition of your vehicle. We only give a quote after seeing the vehicle (especially when it needs a polishing job). Feel free to contact us for an appointment or when you require more info or want us to do another treatment.

All shown Detail Packages are for vehicles with a Gloss Finish paintjob. We can also apply special detailing treatments to Satin Finish or Matte Paintjobs and Wraps on request.

Trough the years we've layed hand on several types of vehicles with our detailing service: from daily drivers trough sports cars , limited productions, show cars, classics and oldtimers, mobilhomes, and even collector cars in musea !

Contact us when you have any questions about our detailing services, we are happy to help.

Did not find what you are searching for? Maybe you can check the following:

Clean & Wax Pack: Starting at €145+VAT

This treatment offers a combination of different kinds of waxes and can be chosen to your specific expections and desires (Blends, Teflon, Carnauba). It offers a special paint-treatment to maximise protection against all kinds of weather.

Clean & coat Pack: Starting at €150+VAT:

This treatment is a cure for those who want a fast boost in reflections and the protection like a coating, but don't want the complete detail pack. This is 1 of our most popular treatments because of the vehikel will get a fast coat that lasts 4-8 weeks. (4 hand washes). This offers a complete new revolutionary kind of coating !

Simonis Pack: Starting at €220+VAT

Your paint will get an instant upgrade and will shine better than before, due to a 1-step polish treatment where we eliminate light scratches and oxidation. This cure is better known as Simonisation, but we do this the Professional-way: Machined with Precision (100% hologram-free!).

Detail Polish Pack: Starting at €500+VAT

The complete treatment your vehicle's paint ever dreamed off: Including all steps of polishing and paint correction to eliminate scratches, oxidation and imperfections with a flawless result of maximum reflections.
Step 1)

Ceramic Guard SiCarbon+ Nano Coating: Starting at €600+VAT

This coating is the latest of them all on the market! Top of the Bill like they say. The Nano-molecules of this coat are family of composite material, which is a lot stronger than SiO-based coatings. We can lay this kind of coating on your entire vehicle from Paint to Windows !
Step 1) Pre-Wash & Cleaning of the entire exterior (including Door Edges en Rims + Tires)
Step 2) Deep Cleansing with Nano-Technologic (Acid-Free)
Step 3) Polishing of the complete Paintjob (in 1-5 steps)
Step 4) Cleaning windows (exterior)
Step 5) Masking all areas that don't need to be coated or require another treatment afterwards
Step 6) Complete Degreasing
Step 7) Applying SiCarbon+ Nano Coating
step 8) If required: Applying Glass Coat to windows or other surfaces
Step 9) Adding a layer of Tire Care Gel to Protect and Restore (Available in Gloss or Matte)

Si3D Glass Nano Coating: Starting at €100+VAT

A special treatment for your windows for a double-glass-clear view. We can treat all windows with this coating, windshield, side windows, sunroof and the rear window. You always think about your paint and other surfaces, but windows do catch a lot of dirt, bugs and stones accros the years. Our Glass Nano-Coat gives you the clear view you've always dreamed of, even in rainy weather. This coat is completely invisible but you will see the effects, no doubt! Will last 1-year/approx. 15.000km.
Step 1) Cleaning and Grease Removal
Step 2) Deep Cleansing with Special Nano-Technologic Cleaner
Step 3) Polishing with special Glass Polish
Step 4) Applying Glass Coat by Hand
Step 5) Curing Glass Coat to bond with the surface
Step 6) Removal of Glass Coat High-Spots to get an invisible Coat

Extra Treaments:

Complete Standard Exterieur Cleaning: (only available combined with interior detail) Starting at €40+VAT
Complete Standard Interior Cleaning: (only available combined with interior detail) Starting at €40+VAT
Leather Interior Treatment: Starting at €45+VAT
Cloth Interior Stain Removal: Starting at €40+VAT
Dog Hair Removal: Starting at €40+VAT
Convertible Roof Treatment: Starting at €100+VAT
Headlight Restoration (Sanding + Polishing): Starting at €40+VAT
Polishing Locally: Starting at €40+VAT
Wetsanding Paint imperfections: Only by Quote
Glass Coat on Windshield only: Starting at €40+VAT
Other Detailing Services available on request