We already offer our services in detailing since the early days when 'NAXCAR' was born, back in 2011.

The biggest section of vehicles we took care off are fun-cars, daily-drivers and classic cars, but we've also had boats with gelcoat keel, slipping trough our hands that deserved some Finesse & TLC.

We did some amazing projects over the years for International partners and are contacted for some specific treatments we offer

One of these is our paint-deep-cleaning-treatment, which we offer on a molecular-level with specific techniques by hand -not machinal- for the best results. Best thing of this treatment is that is completely safe for everything, even for the environment, because it's a Biological process -without the use of any acid-.


We are well-known for our outstanding Polishing jobs, as we are specialized in treating different types of paint: as used on oldtimers as well as modern paint-techniques. 

Our true Paint Correction jobs are way deeper than the  most 1- or 2-step Polishing jobs you see more often nowadays.

As we NEVER use any so called fillers in any of our polishing jobs, our grade of correction is 100% Pure. This method asks for a treatment with different polishing machines, all using their own pattern and speed, and this is multiple steps. If a vehicle carries a lot of carwash-scratches or many deep scratches and a customer wants us to get the maximum gloss back from that paint, we can offer polishing jobs up to 8-steps of pure polishing alone. We finish all our paint corrections off with at least one layer of protection your paint needs or if wanted  we can offer a paint protection at your request as well.

We always do a paint-measurement before starting our multiple-step polishing-jobs.

We also offer treatments for interiors. As well for Cloth as Leather seating, from deep cleaning to protective conserving.

Contact us for a Price Indication or to make an appointment for a spot-on-quotation as we will only offer you a quote for the job itself when we saw the vehicle in person.

Our treatments (prizes are starting prices):

Standard Paint Correction: Paintwork will be polished in 1/2-steps to remove light scratches and blemish on paint after a detailed clean of the exterior and a manual Nano-deep cleaning of your paintwork. We will finish this process off with a protective wax that lasts up to 6 months. Starting at €500,- Excl. VAT

HD Paint Correction: This is a the heavy-duty paint correction pack that will remove heavy scratched paintwork and paint that lost his pride and gloss. This process will be finished off with a protective wax that lasts up to 6 months. Starting at €800,- Excl. VAT

Headlight Correction: Headlights that are completely blemished on the outside or that faded due to sunlight overtime can be corrected with sanding and polishing to a way to increase visibility and be seen in the dark. Starting at €80,- Excl. VAT per set of 2

Coating of windows: We can add another layer of glass on top of your car windows, we even treat windshields, Solar-Roofs and tinted windows (glass only). Starting at €120,- Excl. VAT

Paint Protection with Carbon-Ceramic Coat: Thé ultimate way to protect your paint! This Coating also includes a warranty that can be expanded to a lifetime-warranty as a "protection 4 life". This coating can only be applied on top of fresh polished paint, so can only be booked in combination with one of our Paint-Correction-packs. Starting at €250,- Excl. VAT

Polishing of interior panels, certain area's of deep scratches, imperfections, ..., interior deep cleaning service and leather treatments are available upon requests.