Turning a wish into a Memory

Everybody has big dreams and wishes, especially people who have entered the last phase of life or for whom the future no longer looks so bright.

With our own American vehicles and with a number of special vehicles from our network, we are happy to voluntarily provide such a moment of happiness and a ray of joy in the form of a ride, a photoshoot or a tribute to everyone who is in this condition.

 A serious illness or condition can be a very drastic change for everyone in the immediate family. Happiness, really is in the little things and fulfilling a wish for anyone whose future is no longer certain, does not have to be difficult. A moment in which all emotions are allowed to run free: a laugh, a tear and of course intense pleasure, that is what we strive for with 'NJoyLife'. We offer a variety of vehicles to bring dreams alive: From a 50's 'Winged' Cadillac to the roaring V8 of a Muscle Car, a modern pick-up, Jeep or ... -other vehicles can also be used on request-, we can make a lot of dreams come true.

We are free to be contacted, as well by organizations such as Wish-Ambulances, Make A Wish etc. in Belgium, The Netherlands or Germany, with whom we have been able to give someone a great day full of emotions on several occasions before.

We are also available -individually or as a group- for funerals as a final tribute to the deceased person.

Please contact us for more information.

Vehicles will never be loaned separately, the owner/driver is always present, as this is done voluntarily and with private vehicles.