US Import

US Import

US Car Parts, Accessories & US Import: We offer Original and Aftermarket brands for parts, accessories, sheet metal, bodykits, lift kits, tonneau's, etc. Exclusive European dealer for Glassskinz louvers for modern muscle- & ponycars. Check our webshop!

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Car Fashion

Car Fashion

For almost ALL manufacturers: bodykits, aero parts, EcoTuning with carbon fiber and composite materials, interior conversions, custom steering wheels, exhaust systems and performance upgrades by world famous brands in the car scene.

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Classic Tires

Classic Tires

Maintaining 'the look' on classic vehicles is essential, that's exactly why we made it a priority to offer our customers 'the perfect match' when it comes to new shoes for their ride. No classic? No worries! We offer other tires as well.

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Turning a last wish into the memory of a lifetime: With our own American & special vehicles, we voluntarily provide a moment of happiness and a ray of hope in the form of a ride, a photoshoot or a tribute to seriously ill people and children.

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Founded in 2011 by a 'Car Crazy' family with an extreme passion for the automobile.
NAXCAR bv was founded in 2011 by a 'Car Crazy'-Family with an extreme passion for vehicles in all categories. This passion is a special Family thing that goes back for more than 60 years.

Our company's name is not just a random choice:
N= the mother (Nancy)
A= the son (Aaron)
X= the daughter (Xana)
and inspired by our beloved motorsport: NASCAR, it wasn't too difficult to find NAXCAR.
For our NaxcarParts-service we import 80% of our parts and accessories directly from the USA to Europe. We try to keep our leading times as short as possible by offering air-freight from several warehouses across the United States. We can also offer express freight with FedEx or container freight for heavier parts, like transmissions or crate-engines.