Why should I contact Naxcar to take care of my vehicle ?

Naxcar is a Belgian, family owned business with a true passion for cars, we take care of every vehicle like it's our own and only want to deliver quality. As well in the Parts and Wheels we supply as in our Detailing Service, we strive to offer you the best result possible. it doesn't matter if our search for the perfect part or a treatment with our detailservice takes hours, days or even weeks. On top of that we're very active in the car scene with all types of cars from our own and in the racing industry during the weekend or our vacation. We just can't stop...

What kind of quality can I expect my Carbon parts to be ?

Only the best! We offer Carbon Fiber Parts in different twill weaves, but from High-End brands only, made with the one and only: Autoclave Technology. All our Carbon Fiber Parts are made by manufacturers that prove their quality and made their name in the International car scene. We will NEVER offer you composite parts from "Chinese aftermarket (no-label) manufacturers", the quality of these items can't be compared to the High-End parts we offer.

Can I also buy parts that are not listed on the webshop ?

Off course. We can offer you a very large range of products, so it's impossible for us to list everything on our different webhops. We work with a "Feel-Free to ask"-principe. If it's not listed, contact us, we are happy to help.

Can I also get parts for my Non-US car ?

We offer original parts (OEM) for all American vehicles and brands that are part of the MOPAR, GM or FoMoCo (FORD USA) -group.
The FCA-Group that has brands like Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Fiat is also part of MOPAR, so we can offer parts for these as well, just like we can offer parts for European versions of American vehicles, like Tesla, Jeep, the European Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.
With our NaxcarExclusive part we can offer you accessories from in-house-tuners like ABT, AMG, BRABUS,... but don't offer you common parts for daily driven Non-US cars or from the brands mentioned above.

Do you use Acid-Cleaners when detailing ?

No, we only use products that meet environmental restrictions and are acid-free. 

What is a Deep-Cleansing ?

A deep cleansing is a cleaning method that goes way deeper than just the surface. It removes all dirt and grease on the surface and makes it incredibly smooth. This is a perfect way to prepare your surface before polishing or waxing to achieve a maximum of protection and gloss. At our Naxcar Detailing service, we use a unique Nano-based Technology that literally cleans the pores of your paint (microscopic scale).

What are Swirls ?

Swirls are very fine scratches that occur, due to different cleaning methods or if you regulary visit an automated car wash. They look like a spider's web under direct sunlight or a Halogen spot and are marks of car wash brushes or wash mitts  that were dirty during the wash process. Another cause that gives you swirls is a wrong method of machined polishing (Too fast or too many rpm). Swirls are a very common imperfection that always hold your Paintjob's potential back, to reflect to it's max. We can solve this for you with our proper and professional polishing detail.

What is the difference between Simonis and Polish ?

This one is a very common discussion. Most people know Simonis like in the early days when we all did (by hand) during our weekend to get a great shine out of our first car. It is a way of polishing, but are absolutely not the same.

  • Simonis only cares about the light scratches in a 1-step "polish" with a combined product that contains polish and wax, without any kind of heating the surface (machined).
  • Polishing goes way deeper and needs several steps (Cutting-Polishing-Finishing) to remove severe and minor scratches, oxidation and sanding marks. The biggest difference when polishing is that the surface heats up and takes a trained professional to do the job.

What is the difference between a Glaze and Sealant/wax ?

  • Glaze: Gives deep reflections and a Wet-Look, it also fills light scratches and swirls but doesn't give a long lasting protection.
  • Sealant/Wax: Gives a deep gloss with long lasting protection.
  • A combination of both to achieve the best deep gloss and reflections with long lasting protection is possible.

What is the difference between Carnauba & Synthetic wax ?

  • Carnauba wax: Carnauba is a natural product from the leaves of the Copernicia Cerifera or better known as the Carnauba-palm, a palm that grows in the Rainforest in North-East Brazil. The wax that is produced with this natural product gives a very high grade of protection and water beading and gives gloss paint jobs a beautiful Wet-Look. The grade of gloss and this Wet-Look, depends on the % of Pure Carnauba that the wax contains. The higher, the deeper the reflections. Because of the deep to very deep reflections, Carnaubawax is a very popular option for showcars, sports cars, cars in musea and vehicles with a special paint job.
  • Synthetic Wax: This wax is made out of polymers, so it's the complete opposite of a carnaubawax, as all elements are synthetic and factory made with a chemical process. Synthetic wax is made especially to fulfill the need for protection, prior to deep gloss and reflections (it also shines bright, but less than a Carnauba-product) for a long lasting result.
  • We can combine both products in a 2-step waxing process to give you best of both worlds. 1-step Carnauba + 1-step Synthetic => We never use a blend (1 product with the 2 combined), a blend of these products will only give you promises without giving the results like when both products are used as a single step on their own.

What is a Glass-/ Paintjob-/ Rubber-Coating ?

A coating is an extreme, invisible layer of protection on top of the surface. It will give a long-lasting boost in protection agains all kinds of pollution that can harm the surface, even chemicals.

This extra layer is a common upgrade we offer for owners who really use their vehicle and drive a lot of km's. It's a great upgrade for an easy to clean vehicle afterwards. It also improves the scratch-resistance of your vehicle for light scratches and oxidation. A misunderstanding most people have about a Coating is that scratches never occur anymore, that's not true. Coatings do have a higher scratch-resistance grade than the standard surface or a regular and ceramic paint job so scratches won't occur as fast as on a non-coated surface.

They are these days so many options of Coatings. From Synthetic-, Glass and Ceramic Coatings, but not all of them are worth the money. We tested a lot of them and can say the ones we offer are pure quality-proved coatings. We offer the following at Naxcar detailing (find here more info about our coatings):

  • Glass Coating for windows and mirrors
  • SiCarbon+ Ceramic Guard for paint jobs (Gloss, Satin and Matte Finishes)
  • Ceramic Coat for all other surfaces

I want more info ?

Do you have any other question or want more info about something in particular...feel free to contact us.