Why should I contact Naxcar to take care of my vehicle ?

Naxcar is a Belgian, family owned business with a true passion for cars, we take care of every vehicle like it's our own and only want to deliver quality. As well in the Parts and Wheels we supply as in our Detailing Service, we strive to offer you the best result possible. it doesn't matter if our search for the perfect part or a treatment with our detailservice takes hours, days or even weeks. On top of that we're very active in the car scene with all types of cars from our own and in the racing industry during the weekend or our vacation. We just can't stop...

What kind of quality can I expect my Carbon parts to be ?

Only the best! We offer Carbon Fiber Parts in different twill weaves, but from High-End brands only, made with the one and only: Autoclave Technology. All our Carbon Fiber Parts are made by manufacturers that prove their quality and made their name in the International car scene. We will NEVER offer you composite parts from "Chinese aftermarket (no-label) manufacturers", the quality of these items can't be compared to the High-End parts we offer.

Can I also buy parts that are not listed on the webshop ?

Off course. We can offer you a very large range of products, so it's impossible for us to list everything on our different webhops. We work with a "Feel-Free to ask"-principe. If it's not listed, contact us, we are happy to help.

Can I also get parts for my Non-US car ?

We offer original parts (OEM) for all American vehicles and brands that are part of the MOPAR, GM or FoMoCo (FORD USA) -group.
The FCA-Group that has brands like Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Fiat is also part of MOPAR, so we can offer parts for these as well, just like we can offer parts for European versions of American vehicles, like Tesla, Jeep, the European Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.
We also offer replacement part for Mercedes-Benz and FORD (Europe) and some parts for Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Accessories are available for all brands, but original replacement parts are only available for the car manufacturers mentioned above.

Can I swing by at your location to discuss something?

Sure thing, you're welcome -after appointment- at our address to discuss your desires or how you want your project to be in the end and to see how NAXCAR can fit into your needs. We want to offer our customers a transparent service between people with a passion, instead of ordering online by a store without knowing who you're dealing with.

Can I get a discount ?

Yes, you can! With our Loyalty program you can earn your discount. Loyal customers get rewarded for their trust in our company. The more you order in 1 of our NAXCAR-departments: NaxcarParts, NaxcarExclusive or NaxcarWheels, the more discount you get. Loyalty Program for B2C clients, B2B-branche-clients can ask a special quote on certain products with their EU VAT-N°.

I have a question about a product.

Do you have any other question or want more info about something in particular...feel free to contact us.